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Our Dental Services – Greenwood SC

Hundreds of happy families in the Greenwood SC area trust Christopher Collins DMD for expert, effective, and cost-efficient dental services. And so can you. At our Grace Street dental clinic, you will find a complete range of expert dental services – from the simpler task such as teeth cleaning to the more complex art forms such as effective placement of dental veneers – to keep you and your family in peak oral health.

Visit Christopher Collins DMD for the following dental services:

  • Teeth cleaning and whitening – Special hour-long teeth cleaning and whitening service that leaves you feeling confident in your smile.

  • Dental bonding – Easy repair of small cracks or chips in the tooth to improve the look and feel of broken teeth.

  • Dental crowning or bridgework – Easy repair of larger cracks, chips, or breakage of teeth using crowning or bridging techniques.

  • Dental sealing – Application of high-quality dental sealants to the teeth of your children, protecting them from toothache or decay.

  • Dental filling – Application of premium-quality dental filling to restore health and function to your damaged or decayed teeth.

  • Dental veneers – Expert placement of high-quality dental veneers (of your choice) to hide chips or cracks, mask stains, correct alignment and improve smile.

  • Next-generation dental veneers – Expert placement of high-quality, state-of-the-art dental veneers (Lumineers) to mask imperfections, correct alignment, and improve aesthetics better than traditional dental veneers or crowns.

  • Root canal treatment – Minimum-invasion procedure to save a severely infected tooth.

  • Tooth extraction – Easy, pain-free tooth extraction for tooth/teeth damaged beyond repair.

  • Dental and restoration implants – Replacing decayed/extracted teeth with premium-quality dental implants to provide you effective, lasting tooth replacement.

And more! Our dental services cover an array of additional services ranging from oral cancer screening to gum disease therapies and everything in between.

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