New Patients

Find everything you need to prepare for your first appointment with us.

A Quick Guide to Dental Care for New Patients

Worried about your first visit to our office for your dental care? You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world dread their first trip to the dentist. The good news is, you really have nothing to fret about, and your first visit to our Grace Street office will help you see the same.


Every professional at Christopher Collins' office is an expert at not just dental care but also at caring for you and keeping you comfortable. Your first visit at our office will be an important milestone in the life-long journey of expert dental care. And while you prepare for that first visit, here are some key pieces of information you may find useful.

About Christopher Collins' dental care philosophy

The man behind Grace Street's most trusted comprehensive dental care clinic is Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD), Christopher Collins. Dr. Collins is known among his patients and their families for his profound knowledge, expert skills, and warm, friendly disposition.

Under Dr. Collins' stewardship, we provide comprehensive dental care at the clinic with ONE goal – to provide you with all the help, advice, and dental care you will need to enjoy healthy teeth, a beautiful smile, and sound oral health throughout your life.

You are an integral part of our dental care philosophy, and we make sure to involve you in each step of the comprehensive dental care you receive here with Christopher Collins DMD. This means answering your questions, resolving your doubts, addressing your fears, and taking your opinion into consideration before proceeding with any dental care or treatment option.

What to expect from your first visit.

During the first visit, your comprehensive dental care experts at the clinic of Christopher Collins DMD will focus on two things:


1. Getting to know you better – The doctor will review your medical and dental history and talk to you about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle in general to understand the base aspects of your oral health. This knowledge will help the dentist tailor comprehensive dental care suited to your individual oral health and lifestyle. You may be asked to fill out some forms at the time of new patient registration as well, allowing us to get to know you even better.


2. Addressing your current need of prompt dental care – The dentist will also see to it that your current dental care needs are met promptly upon your first visit. We schedule appointments astutely to reduce wait times and promote maximum face time with our dental care experts.


3. Feel free to talk to the doctor at any moment during the visit. We, in fact, encourage communication and invite you to ask all the questions you may have about the clinic, about the dentist, about your dental health, about the dental care we plan to provide you, and more!

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